About the Authors:
Nabil Maynard is the creator of Wandering Ways and its parent site, Critical Games. A recent graduate of Vermont College of Union Institute and University, Nabil has worn many hats over the years, including that of web designer, guest director for a gaming convention, photographer, technology consultant, customer relations representative, digital mapping technician, and console game tester to name a few. He has also traveled extensively within North America, and has lived and worked in New England and the Pacific Northwest in recent years. His primary interests in games center around effective storytelling, freedom of expression issues, and games within the social context.

Uriah Maynard is a contributing author at Critical Games in addition to running the sites Mellow Afternoon and Original Ending.

About the Site:
Critical Games was created for the purpose of housing opinions and observations about games, their role in society, and their future as a medium. While the style and intent applied to this writing varies, the authors strive to follow W.H. Auden’s Rules for Critics:

1. Introduce me to authors or works of which I was hitherto unaware.
2. Convince me that I have undervalued an author or work because I had not read them carefully enough.
3. Show me relations between works of different ages and cultures which I could never have seen for myself because I do not know enough and never shall.
4. Give a “reading” of a work which increases my understanding of it.
5. Throw light upon the process of artistic “Making.”
6. Throw light upon the relation of art to life, to science, economics, ethics, religion, etc.

This is a general guideline for what the authors endeavor for, though the reality of succeeding with every post is a somewhat lofty goal.

All work presented within this site is © copyright the respective authors, unless otherwise noted. Linking is permitted and encouraged; reprinting in whole or in part is allowed if appropriately cited.

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